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Blind Project

Blind Coffee

We want the blind to be able to make fresh coffee.

We need ingredients to make fresh coffee.

We need a safe coffee machine for the blind.

Blind Shop

We need a coffee shop where the blind can learn about making coffee.

We want blind people to make a living by making coffee or tea.

We want to build a coffee shop in the foundation's place at Bangpoo.

Vegetable Farming

The blind want to learn about animal husbandry.

egg chicken farm

The blind want to learn about growing vegetables for themselves.

Massage Reservation

In foundation or in yours houses

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8:00 AM
17:00 PM


9:00 AM
16:00 PM

Building for Old Blind Old People

The foundation received donations from philanthropists at Bangpoo for 2 rai, remembering a project to make residential buildings for the visually impaired and a learning center for professionalization, making coffee. Raising animals and growing vegetables for yourself.